Danzig writing song for Hangover 2, new Danzig story

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04.19.11 13 Comments

As the internet’s number one repository for your Glenn Danzig-encounter stories, I feel duty bound to report that Danzig has been commissioned to write a song for The Hangover 2 soundtrack.

Director Todd Phillips and Music Supervisor George Drakoulius asked if Danzig would write a new track for the sequel to the blockbuster dark comedy [Editor’s note: Uhhh, ‘dark comedy’?] that featured his version of the song he wrote for JOHNNY CASH called ‘Thirteen‘. Danzig agreed and the result is the lead track ‘Black Hell’. [BraveWords]

Of course I also had an ulterior motive for sharing this news, which is that someone just sent me a new, awesome Danzig story that I was dying to share.  It’s a two-parter.  I’ll share part one below, and save the second story for this week’s Frotcast.

“The last time Danzig came through my city, he was being driven around town by a friend of a friend before and after his show.  Danzig had him stop by a local book store, a quiet little mom & pop shop in the main shopping area of the city.  When he walked into the shop, he stomped directly to the check out counter and said “Where’s your true crime section?”  The clerk told him that they don’t have a separate section for true crime novels but that there are plenty mixed in with Horror and Mystery.  Danzig got irrationally pissed (surprise surprise) and yelled “That’s f*cking BULLSH*T!”  He stormed out of the shop, and slammed the glass door behind him.  When he got back into the van, the driver had to listen to Danzig’s rant about the book store.  His favorite quote was “Somebody should burn that place to the f*cking ground!”  All due to the lack of a True Crime section.”

Man, I could listen to your Danzig-encounter stories all damn day.  In related news, and it kills me that she’s disabled embedding on her videos, the chick from the Mother video is doing great.  Note: The linked video is baaarely SFW, but definitely not safe for your eyeballs, which you will probably want to bleach afterwards. My favorite part is where “The Mother Chick” reveals that she smokes cigarettes.  Wow, you don’t say?

-Thanks to Rob and Luke for the tips.

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