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06.05.09 16 Comments

It was probably a little unfair of me to skip all the good stuff David Carradine did and go straight to the ropes-tied-around-the-genitals-in-Bangkok jokes.  As penance, here’s a deleted scene from Kill Bill in which Carradine has an awesome sword fight with Michael Jai White, aka Black Dynamite.  White’s scenes got cut from Kill Bill, probably because he tried to talk like The Stath the whole time.  “Oi, todaiy’s da day you doy, donnit.  Now ‘and me moy sword, ya worfless cunts.”

…Wow, this whole “tribute post” idea got away from me pretty fast, didn’t it.  Anyway, R.I.P., homey.  (*pours out some KY on the ground*)

[Thanks to ThePlaylist for finding this]

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