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05.06.09 23 Comments

So, this is where the white women at, huh?

Despite being mediocre in every way as a movie, Obsessed *did* earn some praise for depicting a regular old upper-middle class married couple, who just happened to be black (which some would argue is a lot more mature than the OMG, race relations! approach of, say, Crash).  But apparently, your eyes just weren’t as attuned to symbolism as Stephen Holden of the New York Times, who wrote…

The movie’s most disturbing aspect, of which the filmmakers could not have been unaware, is the physical resemblance between [Idris] Elba and [Ali] Larter to O. J. and Nicole Brown Simpson. It lends “Obsessed” a distasteful taint of exploitation. [NYT, via TheGuardian]

For shame!  How could the filmmakers forget that all black dudes and blonde chicks look the same?  Yes, it really doesn’t get much better than the inherently-racist PC complaint about symbolism.   “You can’t pose a black man like that, it’s dehumanizing! You’ve made him look just like the kids in my neighborhood who I lock my doors around!”  But the predictable argument about who’s the real racist here would be asinine.  Instead, can we just agree that Stephen Holden is a douchebag?  Now then, let’s go build a giant ‘D’ to burn on his front lawn.

Also:  Hee hee!  He said “distasteful taint!”  Your mom, lol!

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