‘Did You See Bridesmaids?’ Asks Teacher Before Repeatedly Slapping a Student

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06.01.12 15 Comments

Although it feels like Bridesmaids has been out for 69 years, or some such lewd comment that women can now understand and even tell because we’re living in a post-Bridesmaids world, it’s still making news. Not only has it been nominated for the prestigious Best Gut-Wrenching Performance at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards, it was also the inspiration behind a California high school teacher slapping a 14-year-old student. She then stole nine puppies, shat in a street, and did other things that double as references to the hit movie Bridesmaids.

[A] staff member at Malibu High School in California was accused of slapping schoolgirl Dionne Evans in the face six times – telling the class she was using comedy film Bridesmaids as inspiration.

The ninth-grade student, who is only 14 or 15 years old, went to the police after the apparent assault. She claimed her teacher attacked her because she had forgotten to bring her notebook to class on May 22. According to the police report…the teacher made Dionne stand in front of the class and asked, “Did you see Bridesmaids?” before slapping her repeatedly.

This was an apparent reference to a scene in the popular film in which one character literally tries to slap some sense into a crying friend. (Via)

What’s left unsaid is whether Dionne actually SAW Bridesmaids, as is the fact that Dominique Swain, who played John Travolta’s daughter in Face/Off, went to that high school, if only for the use of the sentence, “The teacher slapped…her face off.” Also: the exterior of Malibu High School appears to have a mural of a shark escaping the ocean and flying off into the sunset, as should every building ever.

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