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02.04.10 26 Comments

Next Christmas, Jeff Bridges is taking a break from good movies to star in Tron Legacy.  Here we have the latest publicity still, showing Bridges putting on the arc from Iron Man backwards or something.  Haha, good one, spaz.

When we last heard from Tron director Joseph Kosinski, he said that Bridges would be playing two characters: the ‘real world’ Kevin Flynn and a new version of his digital character, Clu. “I’d say he’s Clu 2,” the director said. “There was a Clu in the first film who looked like Jeff but was very simple in terms of his abilities. He’s very stiff. Clu 2 is a second incarnation of Kevin’s avatar. He doesn’t only look like Jeff, but he can think like him too. So it’s a whole new level of artificial intelligence.”  [/Film]

Gee, that’s fascinating.  Wait… why is my hand dismissively wanking like that??  I can’t control it!  It’s almost as if… it’s being driven by… an avatar.

*mouth fart*

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