Dolly Parton has tattoos on her boobs + Morning Links

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In case you were wondering…

Comedienne Jennifer Saunders was recently being interviewed by British talk show host Graham Norton when she told a fun story about how Dolly Parton once flashed her and Roseanne Barr to show off her tattooed breasts.

Saunders says, “I was in a restaurant with Roseanne Barr. Dolly was there and talking about tattoos. She winked at us and said, ‘This will go no further’ and then undid her top and there were her t**s and she has the most exquisite tattoos – angels and butterflies.

“They are the most divine, Titian like drawings… I kid you not. Although I did wake up in the morning and thought that couldn’t have happened. But it did. It was one of the strangest evenings ever.” [NashvilleGab]


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