Dr. Dre, Ice Cube might cast their sons in N.W.A. movie. Wait, what?

I haven’t heard anything about an NWA biopic (tentatively titled Straight Outta Compton) since they were looking for a director almost three years ago, which would seem to indicate that it’s in some stage of development hell (meanwhile, the Margaret Thatcher biopic shot straight to finished product before we heard anything about it. go figure). But TMZ’s remora-like paparazzi haven’t forgotten, and they recently asked Dr. Dre whether the plan was to cast his son and maybe Ice Cube and Eazy E’s son in it. (?!?) I.E., the Will Smith method.

The rap icon and his wife were outside Red O restaurant in L.A. this weekend when we asked about the rumor that they were all planning to put their kids in the movie.
Dre responded, “We’re talking about it … we’ll see what happens.”
FYI — Cube has been talking about making the movie for years … and now that he’s putting another “Friday” movie on the fast track … it seems it could be a while before the N.W.A. offspring get their shot at the silver screen. [TMZ]

Dear God, I hope that “rumor” was just a stupid idea the TMZ guy had. You can see the video below, and to me it seems like “We’re talking about it,” was more likely code for “La la la, I’m verbally treading water until you leave me alone.”

Which of course didn’t stop TMZ from running the story with the headline “DR. DRE: We MIGHT put our kids in the NWA movie.” Anyway, we’ll start worrying about it when we hear about any progress on the movie project. In the meantime, I hear Ice Cube is busy developing NWA as a sitcom on TBS. “Neighbors With Attitude,” it stands for.

Here’s that video of Dr. Dre’s son the guy was talking about: