E From Entourage Broke His Leg Playing Catch, Blames Russell Wilson

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05.16.14 17 Comments
Kevin Connelly and Leonardo DiCaprio

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Everything about this picture is perfect.

As a guy who spent his youth playing sports who’s secretly jealous of the drama kids who smartly chose an extracurricular that involved hanging out with needy ladies at all hours, there are few things I love more than making fun of actors for being giant spazzes. So it goes with the Entourage movie’s Kevin Connelly (who also directed a vaguely obnoxious 30 for 30 episode about the NY Islanders), who recently broke his leg playing catch with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Eh, more respectable than straining his wrist playing grabass with Adrien Grenier, I guess.

Kevin Connolly says it’s Russell Wilson’s fault he broke his leg on the set of “Entourage” … due to bad pass!!

Kev was limping around L.A. the other night — still recovering after the injury he suffered during a game of catch with the Seattle Seahawks QB in between takes.

And when we asked who’s to blame for the break, Kev pointed the finger right at Russell — “I know he’s the Super Bowl champion, but it wasn’t a great pass.”

Kev says he caught the ball — because he’s a friggin’ playmaker — but says, “It was a bad pass, I’m not gonna lie.” [TMZ]

“Also, I have hollow bones, like a bird. I bruise like a peach, and doc makes me wear this emergency bracelet in case of a fainting spell. This other one is so that people know I’m a bleeder. It’s a life, I guess.” (*long puff on inhaler*)

I still can’t get over that picture. Unless I’m imagining things. I’m pretty sure Connelly’s pants are ripped and Leo (in his “Leo Incognito” outfit) is vaping. Not even Stephen Dorff himself makes vaping look that cool. As Danger Guerrero says, “I still can’t believe Kevin Connelly is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Turtle.”

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