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12.16.08 27 Comments

The Hollywood Reporter today has an article about the modern Oscar race and how some people, Mickey Rourke in particular, are treating it almost like a presidential campaign, complete with talking points, constant public appearances, etc.  The article makes some interesting points but it never quite lives up to the accompanying picture, which is. simply. sublime.  *kisses fingertips* .  Is his stylist f-cking with him?  You can almost hear the conversation leading up to this:

“You don’t think the short polka-dot tie with the huge knot and suspenders make me look… clowny, do you?”

“Hmmm, a valid point.  Here, let’s open up your collar… Yes, now hold this chihuahua… Okay, and make sure you’re always pictured smoking this tiny cigar butt.  Perfect!  Whaddya think?”

“Whatever, long as I get to wear my mirrored aviators.”

I hope Mickey Rourke wins the Oscar and lives 1,000 more years.  God bless you you magnificent bastard you.

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