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Ed Helms plays Andy on The Office and co-stars in The Hangover as “Dr. Pussy”*, which was my nickname in high school, probably because I got so much of it!  (…yelled at me while the football players kicked me in the belly).  Aaaaaanyhoo, I met Ed Helms once and I could tell he’s every bit as cool and funny as he seems on TV, because he said “Hello” and shook my hand and walked away to go talk to some other people.  Last night on Conan, he did some scatting with the Jonas Bros.  The kind where you make noises with your mouth, not the kind where you poop on a German girl’s face.  He sounds really good, even though Conan kind of steps on the bit by laughing really loud in the middle of it.  If it were me I would’ve made like Axel Rose and jumped across the desk and beat that ginger until he farted blood, but Ed Helms was a good sport.  Like I said, he’s nice.

You can see the whole appearance after the jump.

[Props: BestWeekEver]

*Yeah yeah, you’re right, it was Doctor Faggot. Whatever, I was already leaving.

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