Another Roman Polanski accuser comes forward

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07.28.10 33 Comments


Former model Edith Vogulhut has gone public with allegations that miniature film director Roman Polanski raped and sodomized her at Jack Nicholson’s house in 1974 when she was 21.  Her timing is perfect, because thanks to the Swiss justice system and the gavels they probably bought with laundered Nazi money, Roman Polanski is a free man now.  If you’re keeping score at home, Vogelhut is Polanski’s third accuser, after Samantha Geimer, for which he is a fugitive, and British actress Charlotte Lewis a few months ago.  While it’s true that Vogulhut also has a tell-all book coming out, I’m inclined to trust a lady in a giant black hat.  From RadarOnline:

“I kind of knew that we’re going to have sex, but I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary…I did not expect to be sodomized,” she said.

Vogelhut says that after drinking some Brandy together Polanski gave her an MDMA — commonly known as Ecstasy — and told her: “It’s a really good drug. It will make you feel good, it will mellow you out. It’s like a stimulator.”

When they eventually made it to the bedroom, she says Polanski handcuffed her and raped her.

“He grabs me by the hair, jerks my head up, snaps amyl nitrate under my nose [which when inhaled has a psychoactive effect] and enters me anally,” Vogelhut recalled of the horrifying night.  [transcribed from the video: “I did not expect to be entered this way. There was no foreplay, nothing.  No kissing, no tenderness, nothing.  I thought, maybe this is what they do in Hollywood.”]

“I hurt. This was rape. I was anally raped repeatedly.”

Sounds like a trip to the DMV, am I right, guys??? (*looks around for high five*)  But seriously, I know Roman Polanski had his parents die in the Holocaust and his pregnant wife murdered by the Manson family and all, so he has earned a little understanding towards abnormal sex practices.  But I was thinking something more along the lines of light bondage, a foot fetish, maybe a Nixon mask. Even assuming a little leeway, dry anal rape still seems beyond the pale.

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