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02.06.08 85 Comments

I’ll be honest, the most interesting thing about this story is that it gave me an excuse to repost this Casey Affleck interview with Lisa Rinna, who literally drinks the tears of the unborn.

The story: 

Affleck is going to head the noir period piece The Kind One, which Tom Epperson will adapt from his recently published novel. Set in Los Angeles in the 1930s, the film focuses on "an amnesiac (Affleck) who finds himself working for a mobster — a sadistic killer given the nickname ‘the Kind One’ — and falling in love with the thug’s girlfriend." [Cinematical]

Epperson is probably best known for co-writing The Gift, which featured an Oscar-worthy performance by Katie Holmes’ (Xenu’s Warrior Princess) breasts. Here and here (NWS).

Meanwhile, this movie sounds like the answer to a newspaper word jumble.  It’d have a cartoon of a mobster with little question marks around his head at the police station, with the caption "What the amnesiac gangster said when he was questioned by the cops…" and then you’d unscramble the words and it’d say, "I don’t remember nuthin’." 

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