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In a turn of events shocking to at least 3 retards playing jacks, Lost Boys 2: The Tribe has failed to secure a theatrical release *sad suck monkey ;-{  *

Fans worldwide could not convince Warner Brothers executives to launch the second coming of the Emerson family on theater screens this summer. Instead, The Lost Boys: The Tribe will make its debut on home video this July. Which is actually better for us fans in some respects. We’ll get to watch it as many times as we want. And the home market grosses will surely be enough to insure a third outing. [MovieWeb]

That’s right, in a way, this is actually good news.  Corey’s also noticed that his hairline has been receding – but that means he’ll be able to save up all the money he’s been spending on conditioner and buy a great big house out in the country.  He and Haim will be able to move there some day real soon and then they’ll just live off the fat of the land.  And they’ll raise rabbits!  Red ones, blue ones, purple ones – all kinds a rabbits that nobody’s even seen before.  They’ll be so soft and furry, and no one bothers you out there so I reckon you can just pet the rabbits all day if you want to.  Oh, it’s gonna be perfect. 

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