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When I saw those ads for the Final Destination movies, I always just assumed it was gore porn for stupid people.  Little did I know… THE STORIES WERE TRUE!

An Italian woman who arrived late for the Air France plane flight that crashed in the Atlantic last week has been killed in a car accident, it has been reported.
Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from Bolzano-Bozen province, had been on holiday in Brazil with her husband Kurt and missed Air France Flight 447 after turning up late at Rio de Janeiro airport on May 31.
All 228 people aboard lost their lives after the plane crashed into the Atlantic four hours into its flight to Paris.
The ANSA news agency reported that the couple had managed to pick up a flight from Rio the following day. It said that Ms Ganthaler died when their car veered across a road in Kufstein, Austria, and swerved into an oncoming truck. Her husband was seriously injured. [TimesOnline]

Pensioner – that means hot twenty something, right?  In the movies, death only cares about you if you’re hot and young.  But it seems, try as it might, it hasn’t finished the job on her husband.  And Death is intent on collecting the souls of the ones who cheated it.  I smell sequel.  …Oh, and uh, my condolences to the family or whatever.

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