Finally, the Gidget remake you’ve all been waiting for

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05.18.10 62 Comments


Gidget first told the story of a girl and her green screen in 1959, and was basically a cornball attempt to capitalize on the surf craze of the late 50s.  A few years later it became an even cheesier TV show with Sally Field (see below).  Then in 1988 there was The New Gidget, and… can you guess where I’m going with this?  Right, it’s coming back.  Because the idea of a GIRL who SURFS (*head explodes*) is just too brilliant to be denied.  (But how did the waves get in the kitchen?)

Pterodactyl Films and producer Mark Canton are working together to update Gidget for a new century, and will develop Gidget stories simultaneously for film and television. The producers seem to be aiming to make Gidget more of a jockish, strong figure than the old-fashioned waif in the bikini suggested. (duh) [CinemaBlend]

“Gidget has always been such a strong symbol of girl power,” Canton said. “With female surfing exploding across the globe, the time is right to bring her back in a major way.”  Cohen says the new gidget will tackle contemporary issues and will be aimed at teens, tweens, and pre-tweens. [Variety]

I hope Gidget faces off against Michelle Rodriguez in a tough surf battle that teaches us all an important lesson about the dangers of racial profiling.  Which reminds me, I liked this better when it was called Blue Crush.

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