FLORIDA FRIDAY: Genital-kicking woman apprehended by Sheriffs

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02.01.13 12 Comments

An artist’s rendering

It’s Florida Friday here on FilmDrunk, and well, this is just a good police blotter right here. A genital-kicking woman was apprehended, but not before a Deputy lost his sunglasses in the fracas and general kerfufflery. *pours out bag of croakies*

The Manatee County Sheriff’s deputy responded about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday to a dispatch call of a “female in the street kicking people in genitals and running around,” according to a police report.

Katina Collins, 38, of Saratoga, who matched the description of a woman with red pants and long braids, walked away from the deputy who asked her to stop. The foot pursuit ended with Collins allegedly turning and punching the deputy, causing his sunglasses to fall off, according to the sheriff’s office. [MiamiHerald]

“Causing his sunglasses to fall off.” That’s the kicker right there. You know you done f*cked up when a Florida cop loses his sunglasses. That’s a universal, cinematic symbol of foreboding, like when the music stops playing in the saloon, or birds flying off a telephone wire. A cop losing his sunglasses is about as close as real life gets to a middle-of-the-trailer record scratch.


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