The Alison Gold “Chinese Food” yelling goat remix is EVERYTHING

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10.15.13 12 Comments
I would elect this screencap president.

I would elect this screencap president.

I’m always baffled at the amount of legitimate hate people seem to have for Ark Music Factory products like Rebecca Black, Nicole Westbrook, and now Alison Gold. How do you hate something so deliberately, hilariously innocuous?! Save your hate for the polished, Disney Channel/Jonas Brothers crap, that feels like it was designed as spank material for pedophiles.

This? She sings “chow mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-mein.” LOOK AT THE VIDEO! SHE’S MAKING IT RAIN NOODLES FOR GOD’S SAKE! If that lyric makes you angry instead of amused, I’m not sure we could hang out. But I’m a uniter, not a divider, so here’s the Alison Gold yelling goat remix. If you don’t at least like this, you have no joy in life. I wish I could splice yelling goats into my day-to-day life.

Seriously, someone please get me a yelling goat soundboard for daily use.

“Mr. Mancini? Hi, I’m calling from Direct TV-


“Excuse me, sir, can you spare a moment for human ri–”


“Sir? Can you please put your pants back on? You’re not even staying at this hote–”


That does it, I’m getting me a goat sidekick.


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