Friday Free For All: A Smash Mouth/David Lee Roth Duet

If you’ve been listening to the Frotcast, you know one of our favorite things ever are those isolated vocal tracks that have been going around the internet. It started with David Lee Roth singing his own back-up on Runnin’ with the Devil (OOOH BABY YOU KNOW I AIN’ LYIN AAAAAH AHAAAAAAAAA!), and it got even hotter this week with the guy from Smash Mouth (CALIFONYA GOT SUNSHINE! HANGIN’ OUT WITCHO FRIENDS!). Sorry, Steve Harwell, you are forever “the guy from Smash Mouth.” In any case, someone took the two tracks and did the obvious thing and cut them together. Two great tastes that go well together! It’s exactly what you’d expect, and I cannot stop laughing.

This is neither here nor there, but if I ever get rich, I’m going to pay Fred Schneider from the B-52s to follow me around, narrating everything I do. “He SAID he WANTS, a CUP of COFFAAAAYYYY!”

[Picture source: Blackflysusa]

[Sketch embed via Videogum — good call, SNL, not putting one of your best sketches in years online]