Friday Free for All: Turtle Sex, Old Dirty Bastard does “Buttercup”

08.20.10 9 years ago 30 Comments

Friday Free for All is the time of the week I reserve for all the things I really wanted to post that might not be strictly movie-related.  So please, do not ask me “Dude, how is this movie related?” Or I will punch you. Send your tips to

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m of the opinion that one can never have to many turtle-orgasm videos.  (Okay, okay, Professor Science, it’s actually a tortoise, you can get down from the clock tower now).  This tortoise doesn’t remind me of myself as much as the Turtle Who Says Wow, mainly because he lasts way longer.  I guess when you live 200 years or so, you can afford to take your time.  Me, I’m more of a pump-pump pass out kind of guy, that’s just how I roll, deal with it.  Oh hey, camera guy, can you get the camera further down the tortoise’s throat?  I’m not nauseous enough yet.  It looks like he’s got a winking cervix in there. I bet this is exactly what Steven Seagal’s unique physiological reaction looks like. [via BuzzFeed]

After the jump, a couple more movie-related mash ups.

Inception Parody: Inebriation

A basic idea, but the production values are rather impressive.

What’s Actually in ‘Breaking Dawn’.

Inspired by the revelation that Stephenie Meyer’s last Twilight book is filled with snorkeling vampires, c-sections, and wolf-on-baby love, just like the last Uproxx mixer. [via WoodenNickelShorts]

And finally, thanks Danger Guerrero, for sending me this video of Old Dirty Bastard singing “Buttercup.” Old Dirty Bastard? More like Old DELIGHTFUL Bastard if you ask me.

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