Friday Free for All: Scottish people are really hard to understand

Senior Editor
02.25.11 32 Comments

This is a documentary series called The Scheme that aired on British TV, brought to my attention by Frotcast listener and Scotland resident Johnny R, who says it’s like the Scottish answer to Jersey Shore.  I’m not sure what the object of this show was, but I think if you can understand more than four words in a row at any given time, you win a prize.  Sweet mother of farts, everyone in this clip makes Spud from Trainspotting sound like Marv Albert.

Okay, the crying mother at the one-minute mark, let’s try to break down what she says:

“It’s is [?] there comes a time, when, eh… cos it’s reassure… that man who’d said he caught him with the Bin Laden bastards… no doubt, the blind kids… he fairly did an echidna.”

I have no idea what it means, but I watched it six times and I’m pretty sure that’s what she says.


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