Friday Free For All: Tarzan Dog dreams of being Tarzan

This is the dumbest thing, and I love it. I thought, “Hey, perfect for a Friday Free-For-All, right?”

So this dog – a Jack Russell terrier, it looks like – is in the throes of an intense dream, and manages to growl what sounds like a dead-on impression of the famous Tarzan call. I mean, it’s not a perfect impression, but it was pretty good for a dog! It reminds me a bit of my all-time favorite clip, the Jurassic Park theme on a melodica.

I’m just sayin’ You get that dog a little singlet, and teach him to do this while he’s awake, and I promise you, this time next month, that little Grumpy Cat ain’t gonna be the hottest animal ticket in town anymore, capiche? She’ll be yesterday’s news. You stick with me, babe, I know a dog star when I dog see one. (*adjusts dog-engraved pinky ring*)

Damn, Weissmuller had some pipes, didn’t he?

[Tarzan Dog via]