Frotcast 128: Burnsy’s Corner, Lists with Laremy

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This week on the Frotcast, it’s the triumphant return of Burnsy, because one listener so vocally demanded it. He hips us to some fresh YouTube clips, like Brittany Smooch’s “Pink on Pink,” and a Teen Mom from MTV who wants to schedule her jail time around a Ke$ha concert. Burnsy also updates us on the how his list of 2012’s worst movies is going, and what he’ll need to see to complete it. Then Laremy drops by for some listing, and pitches his idea for a human-sized doggie door, which frankly seems like a winner. We discuss Killing Them Softly and Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Brendan yet again accurately describes an entire scene from an overrated arthouse movie without having seen a single second of it, not even a trailer. Adam’s got your detailed episode notes after the cut.

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This week we have two guests! Burnsy comes on with some HOTT GOSS as well as some fresh Youtube clips. Laremy comes on and we let him give us a list at the very end. We talk some movies, play a clip from Teen Mom 2, and hear stories from the Frotcasters.

  • 00:01:25 – The guys start things off by poppin’ tacos and talking about the Facebook status update hoax that has been going around lately. Ben has really gotten into Teen Mom 2, and Vince plays a clip where one of the young moms has to make a difficult decision (hint: a Ke$ha concert is involved). The guys get into a discussion about the popularity of GIFs, which leads into talk about one of the most GIFable moments in sports: Mark Sanchez running into his own lineman and fumbling. They also mourn the career of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.
  • 00:21:13 – Burnsy brings what could be the next Friday in Brittany Smooch’s Pink on Pink. Vince admires Patrice Wilson, the producer of these spoiled rich kid music videos, and plays Thanksgiving for everyone. The guys talk about Honey Boo Boo’s disgusting mother, and the lacrosse/music sensation Con Bro Chill. Burnsy gives a peek into his Worst Movies of the Year list, and the guys get into a Red Dawn original vs. remake discussion. Vince reads from Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook post about people questioning her parenting skills. Burnsy leaves with some Hot Goss; he is looking for a new celebrity BFF.
  • 00:56:37 – Laremy’s segment begins with a listener question relating to a topic that was brought up last week. The Armond White tweeted Vince. Laremy and Vince talk about Killing Me Softly and James Gandolfini’s breath acting. Vince doesn’t get the hype behind Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Brendan nails some of the scenes from the movie without even seeing it.
  • 01:29:54 – Vince has questions about the legality of moonshine. Brendan retells a tale about his mom and how his parents are from a RomCom. Laremy’s love of the Michael Jackson catalogue gets the guys to talk about the Bad music video. Vince gets the rye snorts. Laremy finishes things off with a list of product ideas and services he could render. Human sized doggy door seems like a winner.