Frotcast 151: Iron Man 3, Burnsy’s Song of the Summer, the world’s most obnoxious online dating profile

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This week on the Frotcast, four out the five Frotsmen have seen Iron Man 3, which we discuss in typical fashion late in the ‘cast. Wait, did I say FIVE Frotsmen? I did indeed, for Ashley Burns, the unauthorized mayor of Orlando, joins us on this week’s Frotcast to bring us the latest news from central Florida as well as his Song of the Summer, a little ditty called “Punch (Let’s Be Real)” about a real life tale of unrequited love (according to a guy named MoistCholo). It’s so bad, and I can’t stop siiiiihhhiiiiihiiiiiiinging it. I attached the video after the jump to share my affliction. Eat your heart out, BurnsyFan66.

BONUS FROTCAST NEWS: Laremy clearly has the magic touch, because for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW, one of his picks for Fantasy Summer Box Office got bumped off the summer release schedule. Last year it was GI Joe Retaliation, this year it’s his Bomb Pick, the 300 sequel. The jinx is strong with that one.

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