Frotcast 253: ‘Inside Out,’ Seinfeld On Comedy, And Rachel Dolezal, With Laremy

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It’s always a good day when I get to use Laremy for a banner image. Laremy joins Bret, Matt Lieb, and I via Skype this week to talk Inside Out. And for all of you calling me a contrarian, click-baiting, attention whoring, second coming of Armond White, for the record, Laremy was the only critic I talked to about Inside Out before I posted my review, and he liked it less than I did.

In any case, we open this week’s show with a lengthy, or possibly girthy, discussion of Lebron James’ penis. Laremy joins to discuss Inside Out. Since we’ve been off for two weeks, we discuss Jerry Seinfeld’s now-infamous “Political Correctness is killing comedy” comment (words Jerry Seinfeld didn’t actually say), and Matt’s perspective as a fellow Jewish comedian (I’m required by law to mention that Matt is Jewish at least once in every post). After that we talk Rachel Dolezal (as required by Internet law), people whining about Game of Thrones (ibid), and Jurassic World. Enjoy!

Also, this is the second Frotcast this week, if you count my interview with Greg Sestero and Michael Rousselet about The Room. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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Oh, and here’s the misogynist ghost that got stuck in Bret’s computer: