Frotcast 326: Name Of The Year Draft, With Matt Ufford

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March is our favorite time of year here at the Frotcast, because every March, Name of the Year puts out their Name of the Year bracket. And every year, we do a fantasy draft of the names. Matt Ufford from SB Nation joins me, Matt Lieb, and Brendan, to choose our team of the silliest names (all real names of real people). We also talk a little Trainspotting, Jeremy Renner’s iPhone app, the wildest local news from Australia, and of course, the Royalty Freestyle. Donate at


2:00 – A Texas woman wakes up with foreign accent syndrome. “U wot, mate?”

8:00 – Talking Trainspotting and Trainspotting 2

10:00 – Is Artie Lange the Rasputin of comedy?

14:54 – We begin this year’s Name Of The Year Draft

1:05:05 – This week’s Alex Jones montage

1:11:05 – We download Jeremy Renner’s iPhone app

1:21:10 – The Royalty Freestyle, song one, for Charlie P.

1:24:13 – Royalty Freestyle #2, for Greg M.

1:29:13 – Royalty Freestyle #3, for Aymeric

1:33:43 – Local News Corner from Australia

This Year’s Name Of The Year Lineups

Brendan: Faraj Fartass, Subu Dubey, Jeffreyrosenberg Tan, Taco Dibbits, and Boats Botes

Matt Ufford: YourMajesty Lumpkins, Eliza Fox Teats, Tugg Snowbarger, Afrodite Bodycomb, Dick Posthumous

Vince: Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, Tutz Honeychurch, Heavenly Joy Jerkins, Bobbie Bobango, and Dallas Creamer.

Matt Lieb: Melanie Gubbels Bupp, Demon Clowney, Christian Joo, Wilbert Goatley Jr., Chardonnay Pantastico

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