Frotcast 341: Matt Ufford

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We recorded this week’s Frotcast just as we were finding out about all the nuclear gamesmanship with North Korea. Being that San Francisco is in range, and also synonymous with all the things Republicans deem terrible… does that mean we’re expendable? That became the first part of the show, in which we welcome SB Nation’s Matt Ufford, to discuss his Game of Thrones scorecards and preview Hard Knocks. Brendan and Vince (me) are in studio, with Matt Lieb joining via Skype phone (Phone Matt!). Donate at


3:00 – Which city would we sacrifice to North Korean nukes.

12:30 – That Google engineer who got fired for saying girls can’t code good

19:35 – Talking Game of Thrones, like every podcast ever.

37:35 – Brendan explains what it’s like to be too old for a bachelor party

48:00 – Matt Ufford’s preview of this season of Hard Knocks.

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