Frotcast 37: Sheen, Translating Scottish, Texts from Joe King

(the player below takes a second to load. here’s a direct link to the file.)

This week was the inevitable Charlie Sheen hangover.  Nothing can compete with hearing the tapes of that original interview the first time, but we brought our old friend Joe King on and did our best to come up with some new games.

  • Opening – For our into song, I used my mash-up of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” with Sheen quotes.
  • 5:00: How long before our parents catch on to the Sheen quoting, and how annoying will it get?
  • 8:00 Corey Haim’s Oscar snub
  • 10:30 NEW SEGMENT: Out-of-Context Texts from Joe King. “Worth it. Don’t f*cking kill your grandma in the p*ssy with a hammer though, bro.”
  • 12:30 We discuss the way working from home for the last three years has ruined my personal hygiene/boundaries/ability to not fart and scratch myself in public.
  • 18:00 How Joe got sent to the school psychologist in college for his answers on an art appreciation test.
  • 24:00 NEW SEGMENT: Using clips from The Scheme, we play our new game, “What the hell are the Scottish people saying?” (I’ve now received the translations, thank you, listeners).
  • 51:30 We talk about the Northwestern professor who got in trouble for his demonstration of the “f*cksaw”, including live female ejaculation.
  • After that it’s pretty much 85% f*cksaw references


Email us at  I’ve already got our Scottish people transcribed, but if you’ve got pictures, questions, stories, something you’d like us to talk about, send it our way!  BOOM! BRING IT!