Frotcast 57: The lost episode (Comic-Con, Etc.)

07.22.11 8 years ago 35 Comments

This week on the Frotcast, I had to Skype in just a few minutes after I returned from preview night at Comic-Con. I’ve been running around taking pictures and doing Comic-Con stuff (like saying “respect” to C-Tates in front of a crowded auditorium — I did it for Burnsy), so I didn’t get to post this one on time. The other guys think it’s because I was embarrassed that they spent 85% of this episode making fun of me, but that is entirely untrue. UNTRUE! LIES AND ERRONEOUSNESS! I TOLD YOU NEVER TO CALL ME HERE!

Anyway, we talk about Comic-Con and stuff, and they shouted me down for bringing up this story, even though IT’S TOTALLY TRUE. I haven’t finished listening to this, so I can only assume the guys spent the last 10 minutes of the episode saying hurtful things about my person.

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Also, here’s the Australian news story we referenced:

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