Frotcast 58: Songs of Summer, Search for the Worst Trailer, Cowboys & Aliens

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This week on the Frotcast, we brought on our old friend Laremy Legel from to discuss Cowboys & Aliens, so we did that for a few seconds, and then we talked about how terrible this week’s trailers are, and then we brought on Burnsy to try to pick the song of the summer.

Episode notes:

  • 4:00 – Me saying “respect” to C-Tates and asking Gina Carano a question at Comic-Con
  • 10:00 – Steven Spielberg takes the stage to collect his fake Comic-Con award and give a cheesy speech
  • 13:22 – We talk Attack the Block, briefly.
  • 15:00 – We make fun of Battleship for a while. “So there’s an… ocean robot? That turns into a plane?”
  • 19:35 – We make fun of New Year’s Eve for a while
  • 37:00 – We talk Cowboys and Aliens
  • 53:00 – DON’T MISS! We bring on Burnsy to try to find the song of the summer.

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(that Happiness clip I was talking about is at 30 seconds and 47 seconds)

(and here’s one of our songs of summer)

My favorite part is the way she puts two random things together to indicate summer. “Holocaust, pancake batter! Parrot feathers, tube sock!”

And here are the other songs we used. The videos make them EVEN WORSE!

I don’t know where Burnsy finds this stuff. I’m not sure I want to.