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04.21.08 26 Comments

This isn’t strictly movie related, but it’s very important to the FilmDrunk community.  Our buddy Busey needs our help, as he has been evicted.

Gary Busey has been evicted from his Malibu home because he owes more than $50,000 in back rent. Apparently the actor hasn’t paid his $6,000/mo rent in over a year. Busey’s attorney Vicki Roberts told the National Enquirer:

“It’s true he owed over $50,000 in back rent – but he stopped paying because of a health issue. The landlord wouldn’t clean out the vents.” [Source]

Busey was pissed about the vents because he was told he’d be allowed to hunt coyote there.  Coyote is a Busey family delicacy, and Buseys traditionally hunt them in the nude – a problem in notoriously prudish Malibu.  But being able to hunt coyote in the privacy of your own vents?  Problem solved.  I know you might be thinking, aren’t vents kind of small, even in Malibu?  How will Busey, who is known to be around 8 feet tall, fit into the vents?  Well that my friends is why Busey invented a shrink ray.  He got the idea from the movie Inner Space.  He later saw Honey I Shrunk the Kids, but called it "Hollywood nonsense." 

[Thanks to Andrew for the tip]

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