This girl reeeally likes Harry Potter, her dog just likes taking dumps

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07.14.11 13 Comments

There’s a lot to love in this music video dedicated to a girl who really likes Harry Potter (Quotable: “Harry Potter changed my life, and I have NO idea how to deal with it.”). But if you put a gun to my head and told me I had to choose a favorite moment, it would probably be at the 9-second mark, when there’s a brief-but-unmistakable shot of a dog taking a dook in the background:

OH GOD YES, AN OUT-OF-CONTEXT, BACKGROUND DOG DOOK! THE BEST! I’m pretty lukewarm on the whole Harry Potter franchise, mainly because I’m way too far behind and I don’t have six months to burn catching up on the mythology. But if they’d only trained a few dogs to walk through the background randomly taking huge dumps every five or ten minutes, I would watch that in a heartbeat. Such an easy fix! Will it be wet? Will it be solid? Ooh, there he is, look at him squat! Get on it, Hollywood.  Anyway, it’s tempting to make fun of this girl, but to be honest, I felt the same way when I got down to the last few episodes of The Wire.

[via Rhett&Link, Commercial Kings]

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