God Bless America Still Looks Pretty Great

Back in January, Vince brought us the first trailer for God Bless America, a new film written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, and he flipped his scarf and gave us this opinion:

All the reality show parodies look amazing, but the plot of the movie seems… I don’t know, a little Cho Seung-Hui for my tastes.

While I didn’t know what that meant back then and I still don’t know now because I’m too lazy to Google the reference, there have since been another trailer and a clip released for the film, which hits theaters on May 11 but is currently available On Demand, and I think it looks pretty solid. In fact, if I could put on my Peter Travers glasses for a second, I’d say that it looks like Falling Down meets 50/50 meets UHF. Feel free to use that in commercials, Bobcat.

Check out the clip and trailer for yourself after the jump, but I’d say my only complaint is that the acting looks a little choppy. But the idea itself? Let’s just hope people don’t find this film inspirational, for the Kardashians’ sake.