Grandmas watch Kim Kardashian's sex tape. "Two hands with space in the middle."

I realize FilmDrunk is ostensibly a movie-humor site, but I’ve long considered adult films as a subdivision of films as a whole, and thus part of my mandate. And I suppose Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J is a kind of an adult film, so I say that counts too. In any case, you’ll thank me later, because this is great. It’s three grandmothers watching Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. It comes from a guy named Hugh Herman on YouTube (via Reddit, Gawker), and I can’t tell you if the grandmas are real or actresses or how staged it is, but if they are acting, they do a damned fine job. Hey, have I mentioned “KIM KARDASHIAN’S SEX TAPE” yet? Because Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. (*cashes check from Google, buys jeweled sweatpants*)

Just watch it. It’s good.

Assorted quotes:

“This is real pornawgraphy.”

“Oh my God! Look at it!”

“The end is purple.”

“What’s taking him so long, he’s so young.”

“Two hands! Two hands with space in the middle.”

“What is her problem? She’s just laying there.”

“That’s Greek, that’s what the Greeks do.”

I like that they think he’s taking way too long too. Maybe I should start dating more “mature” ladies. They’d probably appreciate my style.

In related news, I finally got my grandpa to listen to my podcast:

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