HELP: Crowd-sourced Supercut, Animal Reaction Shot Edition

Howdy, folks, Vince here. Look, I’ll cut to the chase. We need your help. Our old friend Oliver Noble is making a supercut for HuffPo about a subject near and dear to our hearts: the animal reaction shot. You know, like when Martin Lawrence in a fat suit slips on a banana peel and it cuts to a dog covering its eyes with its paws? We love that sh*t. Only trouble is, between our two brains, we can only remember like 15 instances of animal reaction shots. I know you guys can help us remember some more. The banner image already includes the reaction shot bulldog from Sherlock Holmes 2 and the chimp from Speed Racer, so that should get you started. Then there was that movie, Andre, about the little girl and the seal. I’m pretty sure that was like 60 percent seal reaction shots.

Sound off in the comments.