Here’s A Look Inside Will Smith’s $2.5 Million Trailer To Make You Hate Life

We’ve discussed Will Smith’s infamous and ridiculously huge on-set trailer before, as it’s the very same one that once caused an entire New York City neighborhood to scream for his head on a stake long before Jaden Smith came along and had everyone else doing it. And even though this HGTV clip that offers a look inside of Will’s absurd trailer aired more than a year ago, it’s blowing up again this week, as people can’t believe that an A-list star who thinks that his teenage kids should be able to do whatever they want would have such a spectacle of opulence to hang out in between takes.

On Celebrity Motor Homes, a man and a woman with the chemistry of two office workers who just met at a Toledo Applebee’s happy hour walked us losers through Will’s trailer so we could know how the .0000001% lives. Don’t watch it with any sharp objects and/or coffee mugs filled with Drain-o nearby.