Hey, Remember 1996? The Roundup.

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As you may have noticed, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of gratuitous lists and not a lot of news.  Therefore,  ALLOW TO SUMMARIZE THE DAY’S OFFERINGS THROUGH STILL MORE LISTING!

Space Jam Website is a Time-Capsule from 1996.  Someone discovered WB’s website for Space Jam, preserved in amber from 1996.  It’s impossible not to poke around in there for a while.  It’s like today’s internet, but clumsier and slower, like trying to surf the net in Doc Marten boots.  HEY! I LIKE NEAT STUFF TO LOOK AT!  IT’S LIKE THIS SITE WAS DESIGNED JUST FOR ME!  (*cranks up Sponge CD*)  [via Buzzfeed]

All Domestic Theatrical and Video Grosses Represented Graphically. This guy graphed out every film’s gross in theaters and on video for the year 2010, kind of an amazing chart. I don’t quite understand it, but just thinking about the amount of work that went into it gives me hives. |Xach via /Film|

Lindsay Lohan “Mulling” Legal Action over Disguised Biopic, “Dogs in Pocketbooks.

Dina Lohan says the new movie “is definitely based on Lindsay’s likeness,” and “We have a very strong case. It’s shadowing E*TRADE” — referring to Lohan’s suit against the online brokerage firm which produced a commercial featuring a baby Lindsay.

Yeah? And how’d that suit work out, dummy? E*TRADE should be backing up the Brinks truck any day now, right? Diamond cigarettes for everyone! We’ll live like kings! That’s good, just keep suing people.  That’s a way better economic plan than anyone getting a job. |TMZ|

Concussed Spider-Man Musical Actress Abandoning the Death Ship.  Natalie Mendoza, who played Arachne in the musical and previously starred in The Descent, took a rope to the dome three weeks ago and was replaced by America Olivo.  Now the actress, who was making her Broadway debut, is said to be negotiating an exit from the play.  Still unknown whether it was her own injury or seeing her co-star take a huge fall that was the final straw:

Mendoza, after the incident:

“Please pray with me for my friend Chris, my superhero who quietly inspires me everyday with his spirit. A light in my heart went dim tonight.”

Mendoza, on Sunday:

On Sunday, Ms. Mendoza wrote on her Facebook page that she was grateful to be down to two nausea tablets and four painkillers per day to cope with her concussion [from, again, getting hit with a rope three weeks ago]. “Thank goodness I had such a brilliant neurologist who made sure I recovered properly,” she wrote. “Nice to be almost back to normal … almost anyway haha! Thanking God for peace, real friends, love and health and healing.”

Mendoza recently:

In another recent post on Twitter Ms. Mendoza wrote: “Can feel a trip to India coming on & visiting my magic little orphanage Ramana’s Garden in Rishikesh. Raising funds as we speak. Be the change.”

She sounds like a delight.  |NYTimes via GammaSquad|

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