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Summit Entertainment, the studio behind Twilight, has announced that they’ll be rebooting 1986’s Highlander, with 4 Fast 4 Furious director Justin Lin at the helm.  Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (who worked with

Summit’s film will expand on the original HIGHLANDER’s core mythology of immortals battling amongst us, hunting each other through the ages by tapping its newly minted creative team to take its re-imagination to new heights. Plans call for the re-imagination to spur a new franchise for the studio. [Summit Press Release via /Film]

Wait, wait, the original story was about immortals who hunted each other using newly minted creative teams?  DAMN YOUR LACK OF PUNCTUATION!  Anyway, this seemed like a way worse idea before I started listening to the Queen songs from the original.  I know this new one’s probably going to be Papa Roach singing about their parents’ divorce while Channing Tatum pours Highlander energy drink on his shirtless chest, but all I can think is I AM IMMORTAL / I HAVE INSIDE ME BLOOD OF KINGS…. (*10 minute mouth guitar solo*)

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