‘I,Frankenstein’ Actress Describes The Research She Did To Play A Sexy Monster’s Hot Girlfriend

I don’t think anyone in the world wants to hear actors describe the psychology of their characters, not even the actors themselves, but that’s exactly what they’re forced to do during movie publicity tours, God bless them. And things get truly absurd when the movie in question concerns a sexy cleft-chinned Frankenstein’s monster played by Aaron Eckhart. In a Hitfix article titled “Yvonne Strahovski calls ‘I,Frankenstein’ A Fresh Take On The Icon,” the actress describes “the research she did to take on her character Terra.”

It’s true, I’ve never seen Frankenstein’s monster superman-punch a gargoyle before. Now, please, tell us how you prepared to play a sexy Frankenstein’s hot girlfriend.

When it comes to choosing roles, Yvonne Strahovski seems to have a weak spot for strong but flawed characters.


As Terra in ‘I, Frankenstein’ she takes on the challenge of playing an electrophysiologist.


“I didn’t know what electrophysiology meant, to be honest,” Strahovski confided to me while laughing. “There was a lot of Googling involved and I spoke to some cardiologists who explained it.”

“As a fancy heart doctor, I would recommend placing your shock paddles on the corpse monster’s chest and then looking scared when he wakes up, I think that would be really authentic.” -A soap opera actor dressed like a doctor

Before we go any further, you should probably watch the trailer, to refresh your memory of the movie we’re talking about here.

Okay, good. Now, let’s talk about your motivation.

Strahovski and writer/director Stuart Beattie discussed in length why Terra would choose such a niche scientific field of study. “You don’t really hear Terra’s backstory. We talked about her having a family member or maybe even a sibling that had been lost in an accident.”

“I really need to understand the emotional underpinnings of this character. Why do you think it is that she hides behind a beam when Frankstein’s monster starts sword fighting a gargoyle? Did she lose a parent growing up? Fear of intimacy? Has she had her heart broken?”

This is just the best.

“When you first meet her and she’s reanimating the dead rat, she’s doing it for the good of humanity.”