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11.16.07 24 Comments

Check out the new international trailer for Hitman here.

In the last week before it’s release, Hitman has a new international trailer.  I know it’s based on a video game and all, but dare I say it, it looks kind of good.  Granted, I found the mere fact that they didn’t cast Vin Diesel or any wrestlers or rappers and the trailer didn’t feature any music by Korn, Linkin Park, Disturbed, etc. pleasantly surprising. 

It’s sad that I’ve come to assume that any movie that features prominently the tits and fire factor will treat its audience like WWE enthusiasts.  

Of course, it is still about a killer who has an attack of conscience because of a girl…  Pff, chicks, man.

In related news, I called up some Asian chicks I know and we’ll be making a porno remake of this called Agent 69


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