Honest Trailer: ‘Twilight – Breaking Dawn’ and Your Morning Links

[via Screen Junkies]

Terrence Howard praises Oprah’s ‘Tig Ol’ Bitties’ |Film Drunk|

Mr. Legel Goes to Washington |Frotcast|

How Bill Murray Should Appear In Your Favorite (And Least Favorite) TV Shows |Warming Glow|

Lil’ Lebowski [via Tastefully Offensive]

Howard Stern’s Interview With Alex Jones Was A Rollicking Crazy Train Wreck |UPROXX|

Michelle Jenneke’s Busted Hamstring Is Doing Wonders For Her Instagram |With Leather|

Want To Watch Gary Busey Explaining (And Rapping) About Hobbits? Yes, Of Course You Do |Gamma Squad|

10 Instances Of Ludacris’ Girlfriend Eudoxie Looking Gloriously Thick |Smoking Section|

Gruden Talk: Jon and Herm Discuss the Sequester With Former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The 39 Hottest Eva Mendes Pictures of All Time |Ranker|

MS paint artist that will draw just about anything you ask for |theChive|

9 Historical Methods for Determining the Sex of an Unborn Baby |Mental Floss|

Body Slamming The Multiplex: The Future of WWE Films ||

Choking on the Splinters – Taking stock of Beck’s career 20 years after “Loser” |Grantland|

Olivia Wilde Has Some Friendly Advice For Justin Bieber |IDLYITW|

Girl Wedgies Herself Climbing Fence At Blink 182 Show |HuffPost Comedy|

Reporter Spends Entire Interview Macking on Mila Kunis |NextMovie|

The 8 Hardest Unimportant Decisions You’ll Have to Make |College Humor|

Average Party |Holy Taco|

Jeffrey Tambor Shares Eight Behind-the-Scenes Stories From The Larry Sanders Show |Vulture|

Oh Shut Up, Taylor Swift |Videogum|

The Terrible Karate Supercut |Clip Nation|

Miss Teen Delaware Only Made $1,500 For The Porn That Everybody’s Seen At Least Once Now |The Superficial|

Celebs Caught Gawking At Girls |Giant Life|

Ron Swanson’s On the Cover of Paste |Pajiba|

World’s Strongest Man Competitor Cannot Complete the Atlas Stones Event, Boulder Crushes Him |Brobible|

Bad Lip Reading: Peter & Gwen |High Definite|

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