Hugh Jackman trains robots to punch other robots in the nuts

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12.09.10 36 Comments

In Real Steel, from the director of Night at the Museum, Hugh Jackman trains robots to box, which is one of the more ridiculous premises I’ve ever heard.  But once I found out Kevin Durand was in it, my skepticism melted away like an icicle in my butt.  Anyway, this one’s about a robot who Hugh Jackman finds in a trash heap that always seems to win.  It’s basically the Seabiscuit of robot boxing movies.  Haha, I just typed that.  And then at the 1:07 mark, the robot punches the other robot in the crotch.  (*rings oversized bell*) NUT SHOT IN THE TRAILER!!! NUT SHOT IN THE TRAILER!!! (*runs around room with arms above head*)

Oh, and then Hugh Jackman shouts, “BRING IT!”

Silly Human. It. Has already been. Broughten. Bleep borp.

"Bleep bop boop (*fart*)"

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