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07.09.08 30 Comments

In a bit of saavy marketing, or grating self-indulgence, the makers of Tropic Thunder have put together Rain of Madness, a mockumentary about the making of the film, which already is a comedy with a movie-within-a-movie premise. That’s, like, ssssoooo meta my eyes are bleeding Chaucer quotes.

Steve Coogan plays the director and then there’s the other cop from Superbad and a bunch of other people who I don’t feel like looking up. It’s all obviously playing on the Hearts of Darkness-Apocalypse Now connection except that it can’t possibly hope to top the comedic heights of Martin Sheen having a heart attack during filming. Unless they did, in which case let’s talk after-lunch fellatio, fellas.

The fake trailer is after the jump. If you’re really hard up for more creative marketing, Rain of Madness has it’s own web site. So immersive!

-Christmas Ape

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