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12.09.09 26 Comments

Hey, remember Rachel True from The Craft? Just kidding, trick question, there’s no such movie. But Rachel True (the one on the left) is apparently famous enough to have a stalker, and a pretty creative one at that.

True was just granted a temporary restraining order against a woman who claimed she wanted to “f**k [Rachel] with a cobra.”
Rachel got a restraining order on November 30 — three days after Elenora Redmon was arrested outside Rachel’s house with a “large [sex toy] on her person.” Elenora claims she showed up because Rachel had called her over “psychically.”
According to the TRO request, Elenora has been stalking Rachel for a year and a half, showing up at her house and sending her creepy emails like “Why did you shut your curtains?” — many of which were sexually explicit. [TMZ]

C’mon TMZ.  Is this Redmon chick black?  White?  Korean?  Voluptuous?  Flexible?  Did it seem like she had strong hands?  These are the details that would really make this story pop, you know?  According to my sources, at the hearing, judge Lance Ito told True, “Wassa your probrem wiff snake, pretty rady?  Maybe next time no knock unress try.  I make restlaining order tirr you roosen up a reedo bit.”

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