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02.17.09 17 Comments

Even though I hate some of these peoples’ movies (Cristian Mungiu’s 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days, for instance – puke) by pretty much any objective assessment, the lineup for the Cannes Film Festival in May is a film dork’s wet dream. This list isn’t finalized or complete, but here are some of the films officially rumored to be playing:

Pedro Almodovar’s Broken Embraces, (opens in Spain on March 18 so seems a fair bet)
Steven Soderbergh’s The Informant and The Girlfriend Experience (a friend tells me the latter film will probably hit at Tribeca first)
Lars von Trier’s Antichrist
Cristian Mungiu’s Tales From the Golden Age
The Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man
Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void
Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock
The new Michael Moore documentary (possibly titled, “Bailout”)
Fatih Akin’s Soul Kitchen (“The Edge Of Heaven” was in our Top 20 of 2008, he’s amazing)
Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon
Ron Howard’s Angels and Demons
Jane Campion’s Bright Star
Todd Solondz’s [Editor’s note: director of Happiness, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s most underrated performance.] Forgiveness (btw, we were right about the title)
Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control (opens in the U.S. in late May, so seems perfect for the early-mid May Cannes festival)
Ken Loach’s Looking For Eric
Neil Jordan’s Ondine
Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus [Ledger’s last role]
Park Chan-wook’s vampire drama Thirst
and of course Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourius Basterds if he can finish on time. [via ThePlaylist & HollywoodElsewhere]

So Steven Soderbergh did two Che movies last year and he’s already finishing two more by May?  Does that guy ever sleep?  I think maybe he’s been dipping into Tarantino’s coke stash. In any case, I wish I wasn’t too poor to go to France, both because of the movies and because it’s been rumored that there’s a place there where the ladies wear no pants.  I think I read that somewhere.

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