Singapore’s “Batman Bin Suparman” caught stealing and doing heroin :-(

Here at FilmDrunk, we’re big fans of silly names, and thus once upon a time we were crushed to hear that Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop was arrested for marijuana possession. So it is again now that Singapore’s Batman Bin Suparman, which translates to “Batman Son of Suparman,” has been arrested for fraud, burglary, and heroin. And here we thought his only crimes were against spelling and the DC canon.

Batman bin Suparman, an unemployed 23-year-old whose name translates to “Batman son of Suparman”, was arrested on August 19 after security videos showed him sneaking into a store at night on two separate occasions.

He stole a total of Sg$500 ($400) from the store, court documents seen by AFP showed.

Batman also pleaded guilty to various other charges, including stealing his brother’s ATM card to make withdrawals amounting to Sg$650, and consuming heroin. He was sentenced to a total of 33 months in jail.

Batman became a social media sensation after an image of his identity card with his unusual name was circulated online. [AFP]

Almost three years in the pen, ouch. I just hope it’s one of those Dark Knight Rises, where you go in with a broken back and come out ready to take on Bane. Or maybe this is just the part where he meets Ra’s al Ghul and hooks up with the League of Shadows. Only time will tell. Either way, we all wish Superman luck in getting off smack.

[picture via The Batman Bin Suparman Fan Club]