Sexual Harassment Suit Against ICP Includes Dildos, Vagina Tighteners, and Guns, Obviously

If you’ve been reading my Gathering of the Juggalos Tour Diaries, you know that Juggalos, ie fans of Insane Clown Posse, have their own unique codes of morality and social conduct, and that those codes can seem foreign to those who are not and who’ve never been down with the clown. Thus, when ICP was recently sued for sexual harassment by a former publicist, Andrea Pellegrini, it was inevitable that the complaint would be a masterpiece of culture-clash comedy.

TMZ has a few of the highlights:

— In 2011 … Violent J’s girlfriend Michelle Rapp glared at her in a hostile manner. When she complained to the president of the record label, he told her Michelle is “crazy” and might beat her up.

— In 2012 … on the way to lunch, Dirty Dan, a Psychopathic Records employee, told Andrea he had a “fat c**k” and that “he’d like to f**k her.”

Whaaaat? That’s not the Dirty Dan I know. That sounds more like something Ass Dan would do, or Rapey Pete.

— In July 2012, Andrea changed her Facebook status to single… and soon after, Dirty Dan presented her with a “clear dildo” in the office and told her that she’d probably need it because she’s single.

Not to blame the victim, but in the Juggalo world, these are considered thoughtful gestures.

–Later that day …. Andrea says Dan gifted two other women in the office with “vagina tighteners”

But not one for Andrea? That sounds like a compliment. Don’t you see how far Dirty Dan is willing to go to tell you he thinks you’re tight? This guy seems like a misunderstood romantic.

— In August 2012 … she was told she couldn’t use the private bathrooms at the Gathering of the Juggalos and was forced to share restrooms that were “often full with naked male strangers.”

If you find a place at the Gathering that isn’t full of naked strangers, let me know, because I sure didn’t see any.

As for the guns — Andrea claims she was once asked to obtain illegal automatic weapons for a photo shoot.

Andrea is now suing for wrongful termination and wants compensation for suffering a slew of injuries … which include, “fright and shock” and “horror, outrage and indignity.” [TMZ]

No one should have to suffer sexual harassment, but those quotes all sound like jacket copy for ICP albums. Maybe she thought she was going to work for the Polite and Respectful Clown Posse, and their label, Appropriate Conduct Records.

And to those of you who say ICP news isn’t movie-related, you need to watch Big Money Rustlas and Big Money Hustlas like yesterday. Finest clownsploitation cinema since Crispin Glover’s Clowny Clown Clown.

Banner photo by Matt Downe from Tall Tale Productions. Yes, Violent J was wearing a Foot Joy golf glove.