Insanely awesome-looking Indian movie 'Robot' has new trailer

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10.05.10 15 Comments

India’s most expensive film ever made, Endhiran, aka Robot, has a new trailer out, and even though it’s not as long as the last one I posted, you better believe I’m posting every scrap of video I can from this insanely badass-looking movie.  This looks like Michael Bay’s wildest wet dream, but with more dancing, and probably less ebonics.

What if Bollywood created a movie with equal parts Iron Man, I, Robot, Bicentennial Man and featured the score of Academy Award-winning composer A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire)? S. Shankar’s The Robot looks to be that movie. The film features Rajnikanth in dual roles, as a science professor and a superintelligent android robot.’ [/Film]

I still prefer my previous synopsis, “a giant cobra made of robot men slithers around eating cars.”  But you know what they say. Would a giant cobra made of robot men by any other name not still make you want to sing and dance?  …Something like that.

This fall… EXTREME! GETS! OUTSOURCED!  (*double curry to chesty*)

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