Insanely awesome-looking Indian movie 'Robot' has new trailer

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10.05.10 15 Comments

India’s most expensive film ever made, Endhiran, aka Robot, has a new trailer out, and even though it’s not as long as the last one I posted, you better believe I’m posting every scrap of video I can from this insanely badass-looking movie.  This looks like Michael Bay’s wildest wet dream, but with more dancing, and probably less ebonics.

What if Bollywood created a movie with equal parts Iron Man, I, Robot, Bicentennial Man and featured the score of Academy Award-winning composer A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire)? S. Shankar’s The Robot looks to be that movie. The film features Rajnikanth in dual roles, as a science professor and a superintelligent android robot.’ [/Film]

I still prefer my previous synopsis, “a giant cobra made of robot men slithers around eating cars.”  But you know what they say. Would a giant cobra made of robot men by any other name not still make you want to sing and dance?  …Something like that.

So the Robot gets eyebrows, but no mustache? Your rare displays of restraint sadden me.

This fall… EXTREME! GETS! OUTSOURCED!  (*double curry to chesty*)

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