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10.15.07 146 Comments

One of the movies I’m most excited for is American Gangster, directed by Ridley Scott starring Russell Crowe and Denzell Washington, coming out next month. RoS recently dug up an old interview (read it here) with Frank Lucas, the dude on whom Denzell’s character is based, who at one point was making a million dollars a day selling heroin smuggled back from Vietnam in the coffins of dead soldiers. 

At five pages, it’s pretty long, but then, so are the dumps you take at work. Here’s one gem:

"He started cursing, saying he was going to make me his bitch and he’d do the same to my mama too. Well, as of now, he’s dead. No question, a dead man. But I let him talk. A dead man got a right to say what he wants. Now the whole block is there, to see if I’m going to p_ssy out. He was still yelling. So I said to him, ‘When you get through, let me know.’ " "Then the motherf_cker broke for me. But he was too late. I shot him. Four times, right through here: bam, bam, bam, bam…" 

In related news, I called my grandma a bitch for eating all my Bugle snacks. That’ll teach her to use Alzheimer’s as an excuse.

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