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12.11.07 30 Comments

Check out the latest clip from Youth Without Youth, from Francis Ford Coppola.

Based on the metaphysical writings of Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade, the film follows Tim Roth as 70-year-old linguistics professor Dominic Matei, a man haunted by his lost love Lara while languishing in Bucharest, and after being struck by lightning, he goes through a process of rejuvenation that reverts his body back to that of a 40-year-old. [] 

Nazis? Electricity? Horses? Am I the only one who thinks this clip belongs in an Indiana Jones movie?  If Francis starts looking like Alf and dressing like an old lesbian… well, then I guess that makes two fat old directors that look stupid then, doesn’t it.   

Join us for next week’s episode of Learning to Count with Obscure Movie References for our abnormally-short Italian guy edition, starring Danny DeVito and Joe Pesci. (opens in NY and LA December 14th)

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