Is This The Most Adorable ‘Aliens’ Halloween Costume You’ve Ever Seen?

I thought for sure that when a Redditor posted a picture of his pregnant wife with her belly painted to look like Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that we wouldn’t see a better kid-related halloween costume again this year, but I’m always wrong about pretty much everything, and here we are today with the above picture. Not surprisingly, this amazing costume is the find of another Redditor, as Blame it on the Voices explains:

Redditor Rdt156’s friend and his daughter went as the work loader from Aliens this Halloween.

Upon first glance, I completely missed the fact that the little girl’s dad is actually in the costume, because it’s Monday and my brain is a waste, and I actually wondered how a baby was supposed to walk around in that thing. Hey, crazier things have happened and kids these days have all the coolest toys. So nothing would surprise me. God forbid they get a Big Wheel and some army men like I had.

But in order to determine if this is the best baby Aliens costume, we have to first compare it to some other Aliens costumes, and fortunately I could only think of two, so this will be a lot easier than I expected.

First, there’s this classic of another father carrying his own little alien hell spawn.

And then there’s this strange chicken baby with the alien bursting from its chest.

It’s a pretty tough call to pick the most adorable tribute to Ridley Scott’s godless killing machines, so I’ll just say they’re all equal. Socialism wins again!

[It’s not Alien-related, but Mr. T baby is one of the greatest baby costumes of all time]